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Do we do small projects?

Yes. While we do specialise in large scale asbestos removal and demolition projects, our estimators are happy to provide a free quote for small scale and domestic projects.

Do we provide free quotes?

Yes. Please contact us for a free quote here.

Does Abyss sell salvage items?

While we do salvage all recoverable items from our site we do not have our own salvage yard with items to sell. If you would like more information on where these items are available please contact us here.

What does Abyss require prior to demolition?

  • A demolition permit must be obtained from your local council prior to any demolition commencing.Please be aware that this can take up to 21 days.
  • You may also need to acquire a tree removal permit depending on the size and location of the tree(s). These permits are also obtained from your local council.
  • The sewerage needs to be capped off. You will need to engage a licensed plumber to go out onsite and do this for you.
  • The electricity service and meter to the property will have to be abolished or a temporary builder's supply will have to be installed. You should contact your electricity retailer to organise this. Please note: Getting the service abolished is different to getting it disconnected.
  • Abolishing the gas service is similar to abolishing the electricity service. You will need to contact your retail gas provider for the relevant forms to complete for your area.

Does Abyss only operate in Queensland?

While we are based in Brisbane and predominantly work in Queensland, we are able to provide asbestos removal and demolition services for large projects throughout Australia.

Does Abyss do asbestos testing?

Asbestos testing can only be done in a NATA approved lab. Abyss can provide someone who is fully qualified to come and safely remove the samples and take them to a lab for you. If you would like us to arrange asbestos testing for you please contact us here.