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As part of our commitment to safety, Abyss Demolition is fully licensed and insured for both A Class Asbestos Removal and Unrestricted Demolition and all of our staff are appropriately trained and licensed for the high risk activities they perform. To ensure our staff remain among the highest qualified demolition staff available, we provide regular retraining and up skilling. Abyss also has a certified health and safety management system in place which fulfils new licensing requirements under the Work Health and Safety legislation.

To make sure the safety of workers or members of the public are not put at risk, you must egage an appropriately licensed business for your project. For removal of non-friable asbestos, only a B Class licence is required whereas removal of friable asbestos requires an A Class license. Abyss Demolition holds an A Class asbestos removal license which means there are no restrictions of what type or amount of asbestos we are able to remove. Abyss also holds a regulated waste transport licence which allows us to legally transport and dispose of asbestos at the appropriate waste facilities.

Abyss Demolition has been prequalified as a PQC Level 3 rated company for Queensland Government projects. Abyss Demolition is also a member of the following associations which enables us to remain up to date with the current industry knowledge and standards.

  • Demolition Contractors Association Queensland (DCA)
  • Asbestos Industry Association (AIA)

 If you require copies of our licenses or certificates of currency please contact us.