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House Demolition

House Demolition

Demolishing a House


Abyss Demolition are experts in house demolition. We can help you clear your site to get ready for rebuilding.  We own excavators, bobcats and trucks so we don't need to rely on subcontractors and you can be assured the demolition work will happen ontime.  Visit our Contact Us page to email us the details so we can give you a written quote.

It is common for houses to contain asbestos. As we hold a business A Class Licence for asbestos removal we can carry out the asbestos removal prior to demolition commencing. This saves you from having to engage another contractor for this prior to demolition and also saves time if hidden asbestos is discovered during the demolition works.

Your house may contain asbestos if it was built or renovated prior to 2003. Asbestos was widely used as construction and insulation material in buildings until the late 1980s when bans on its manufacture and use were put in place. However, the use of asbestos was only completely prohibited on 31 December 2003. As the bans were not absolute prior to 2003 and building  materials may have been stockpiled, stored, or recycled and used, it is possible that asbestos may be present in buildings that were constructed up to 31 December 2003 and possibly later.

Any refurbishment or extensions to the original building prior to 1990 and potentially up to 31 December 2003 may have involved the use of asbestos. Even if the original parts of the building did not contain asbestos, it should not be assumed that subsequent additions have no asbestos.

The following list is where you may find asbestos containing products in your house:

  • exterior- flat, patterned and corrugated wall and roof sheeting, roof guttering, ridge capping, imitation brick cladding and lining under eaves
  • bathroom, toilet and laundry - asbestos cement sheet walls, ceilings and floors, backing to wall tiles
  • living areas - insulation in wood heaters, asbestos cement sheeting in walls, ceilings and beneath wood-heater hearths, asbestos contaminated carpet underlay carpet
  • kitchen - walls, splashbacks, ceilings, in vinyl floor tiles, backing of vinyl sheet flooring, underlay sheeting for ceramic tiles
  • other- backing of electrical meter boards and hot-water pipe insulation set into masonry walls
  • roof  cavity - loose  fill insulation, or asbestos debris contamination left from previous asbestos roof removal
  • backyard - fences, garden sheds, garages, outside toilets, carports and dog kennels, buried and dumped waste materials

 It was a common practice by builders prior to 1990 to bury asbestos sheeting offcuts and waste under house slabs, also to use the asbestos waste in the slab as fill to cut back on concrete costs and otherwise bury the asbestos waste onsite to save on dump costs.  Unfortunately asbestos contamination in and under slabs and soil would not be able to be identified prior to demolition works commencing.

Abyss can arrange to take samples of suspect asbestos materials and get them tested in a NATA accredited labratory to identify the asbestos containing materials. 

Visit our contact us page for a quote today.