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Contaminated Soil Removal

Contaminated Soil Removal

Abyss Demolition is able to safely and efficiently remove contaminated soil from your site and ensure that it is disposed of legally. Site contamination can include asbestos contaminated soil, acid sulphate soils or petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil.

Asbestos contaminated soil is usually caused by old asbestos containing building material being buried under the soil. During demolition or new building works, this contamination can be disturbed and brought to the surface. Asbestos contaminated soil poses a risk to the health and safety of all due to the risk of asbestos fibres being released into the air and inhaled into the lungs.

Old service stations and underground fuel tanks can often have soil contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons. These pollutants pose an environmental risk as they can pollute groundwater and are toxic to plant life. Acid sulphate soils must be disposed of at an appropriate facility as they can cause the degradation of concrete and weaken steel which can cause major damage. Both acid sulphate soils and petroleum hydrocarbon contamination must only be disposed of at nominated waste facilities to ensure the contamination is contained.

Only businesses licenced to remove asbestos may remove asbestos contaminated soil from your site. For the removal of any type of contaminated soils, EPA licenced vehicles must be used for transport to the waste facility. Abyss Demolition is fully licenced and insured for the removal of asbestos and has EPA licenced trucks to ensure that any contaminated waste including asbestos contaminated soil, acid sulphate soils or hydrocarbon contaminated soils are removed and disposed of safely and legally.