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Contaminated Soil Removal

Contaminated Soil Removal Brisbane

Abyss Demolition recently completed the removal of asbestos contaminated soil at a worksite in Enoggera. This project involved the removal of 9427 tonnes of soil in order to make the site safe for future construction work.

Asbestos contaminated soil can often be discovered during demolition or construction works when soil underneath existing buildings becomes disturbed. In the past, builders would often use left over construction waste as fill on their sites to reduce waste going to landfill. As asbestos was commonly used as building material in the 80s it is quite common to find asbestos waste in the ground that was used in the same way.

It is a legal requirement that the removal of the asbestos contaminated soil is undertaken by a busines that is licenced for asbestos removal and transported in trucks that are EPA licenced to transport asbestos. Asbestos contaminated soil is dampened with water prior to removal to reduce the amount of dust produced and is placed in lined trucks for safe transport disposal at a licenced facility.

Abyss Demolition has extensive experience in the safe removal and disposal of asbestos contaminated soil. Past projects including Wynnum State School and Bremer State School involved the removal of contaminated soil. Abyss owns all required equipment to remove the asbestos, staff and supervisors who are licenced for asbestos removal and our own EPA licenced trucks to ensure the removal of asbestos contaminated soil is undertaken safely and efficiently.