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Townsville Tug Boat Asbestos Removal

Townsville Tug Boat Asbestos Removal

Abyss Demolition has recently completed a friable asbestos removal project within a tug boat moored in Townsville.

The tugboat had asbestos insulation on the exhaust components of the engines that had to be removed under friable conditions. A full enclosure was constructed prior to the asbestos removal commencing to provide the negative air atmosphere required for friable removal. This enclosure was quite detailed due to the confined and unusually shaped area inside the tug boat.

All asbestos insulation was removed safely under the monitoring of an independent hygienist and under the supervision of Abyss Demolition's highly experienced and qualified A Class Supervisors.

This project can be viewed in our project gallery

The pictures show the tugboat prior to work commencing, examples of the products requiring the intricate asbestos removal and the areas following the decontamination.

Abyss Demolition is fully licenced and insured for friable asbestos removal and unrestricted demolition. Our experienced staff are able to provide professional solutions for a range of challenging projects including marine demolition and asbestos removal in complex environments.