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New Kenworth T909 Truck

New Kenworth T909 Truck

Abyss Demolition has received the newest addition to our fleet. The new Kenworth T909 is the largest truck in our fleet and will be put straight to work floating equipment and transporting waste.

Abyss Demolition's fleet of trucks are all EPA licenced to transport hazardous waste. Together with our range of excavators and equipment, this ensures we are able to safely and legally remove and dispose of demolition waste, asbestos waste and contaminated soils while still providing efficient and cost effective services. 

All equipment and vehicles in our fleet are late model and are looked after according to a strict maintenance schedule. This prevents unnecessary break downs which can cause delays to projects and increase costs associated with downtime and repairs.

Kenworth Truck Full Kenworth Truck Angle

 GLM Photography recently photographed our new truck at Kangaroo Point.