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Abyss Demolition offers many services involving demolition and hazardous material removal. Our management team is highly experienced and will work with you to offer you effective solutions for any project.

  • House Demolition

    House Demolition

    Abyss Demolition are experts in house demolition. We can help you clear your site to get ready for rebuilding.  We own excavators, bobcats and trucks so we don't need to rely on subcontractors and you can be assured the demolition work will happen ontime. 

  • Asbestos Removal

    Asbestos Removal

    Abyss Demolition is an A Class licenced asbestos removal company which means we are able to safely remove both bonded and friable asbestos products. We have a highly qualified management team who have years of experience in this field and all of our staff are appropriately trained and licenced.

  • Demolition


    Abyss Demolition is fully licenced and insured for unrestricted demolition and has appropriately trained and qualified staff to undertake each project. We have all our own demolition machinery and attachments enabling us to efficiently and effectively demolish all structures.

  • Commercial Demolition

    Commercial Demolition

    Abyss Demolition has extensive experience performing demolition in a commercial setting. Our previous projects include large shopping centre refurbishments, strip out works in retail spaces and multi-level office buildings.

  • Industrial Demolition

    Industrial Demolition

    Industrial projects can involve challenging environments and technical scopes of work. Abyss Demolition works closely with our clients to ensure all aspects of their projects are dealt with effectively.

  • Mining Projects

    Mining Projects

    Abyss Demolition is able to provide demolition services to clients within the mining industry. We have mine inducted staff who are able to work in remote areas as necessary to complete the projects.

  • Infrastructure Demolition

    Infrastructure Demolition

    Abyss Demolition regularly completes infrastructure projects including school and hospital projects, works near railways, defence projects and demolition associated with road works.

  • Hazardous Material Removal

    Abyss Demolition is able to remove any type of hazardous materials from your site. We have trained and experienced staff as well as our own equipment and EPA licenced vehicles for safe transport and disposal of these materials.

  • Recycling


    Abyss Demolition recognises that the demolition and asbestos removal industry can have a major impact on the environment. We have an accredited Environmental Management System and are committed to salvaging and recycling 85% of the waste from our demolition sites.

  • Contaminated Soil Removal

    Abyss Demolition is able to safely and efficiently remove contaminated soil from your site and ensure that it is disposed of legally. Site contamination can include asbestos contaminated soil, acid sulphate soils or petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil.

  • Service Station Demolition

    Service Station Demolition

    Abyss Demolition can provide safe and efficient services to demolish items associated with service stations. Petrol stations contain underground petroleum tanks and fuel lines which require specialised demolition to ensure all items are removed safely.

  • High Rise Demolition

    High Rise Demolition

    Abyss Demolition is fully qualified and experienced to safely demolish high rise buildings. Our team has extensive experience in high rise demolition and can provide innovative solutions to suit each project.