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Hazardous Material Removal

Abyss Demolition is able to remove any type of hazardous materials from your site. Being an environmentally relevant activity we hold the prescribed regulated waste transport permit for our vehicles. Types of hazardous materials include lead based paint, acid sulphate soils, asbestos contaminated soil and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB's). It is vital that these materials are removed and disposed of by appropriately qualified people to prevent potential, environmental and economic issues. For example; acid sulphates can reduce plant productivity and can also degrade concrete and weaken steel causing major damage to structures. To prevent run off and further contamination, acid sulphate soils must be treated and disposed of properly.

Abyss has our own equipment and EPA licenced vehicles for the safe removal, transport and disposal of these hazardous materials. Past experience in the safe removal of hazardous items include project involving the removal of acid sulphate soils, items containing lead and materials with traces of radio activity.

Our management team is highly experienced and is able to develop safe removal methods of all types of hazardous removal and provides a Safe Work Method Statement and Environmental Management Plan for each project.