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Nev Nichols Bridge

Nev Nichols Bridge Demolition

Abyss Demolition was subcontracted to complete the infrastructure demolition of the Nev Nichols Bridge. The bridge demolition was required as part of the Pumicestone Road intersection upgrade.

The prestressed girder bridge spanned the Bruce Highway which is the busiest highway in Australia. Due to the amount of traffic that utilises the highway, safety of the public and minimising the disruption caused were the major concerns for this project. Prior to demolition commencing, the headstock was secured so that in the unlikely event the bridge was impacted during the day the girders would not move. To minimise the disruption, all works were conducted at night in small portions to ensure the highway would be re-opened during the day.

Each night, once the traffic was diverted, one girder of the bridge was mechanically demolished using excavators with hammer attachments. At the end of each shift, the bridge face was oxy-cut to be made safe, the road was cleaned and the highway re-opened to traffic.

The project was successfully completed on the 8th of March, 2015 without incident and well within the expected timeframe. Abyss Demolition is able to provide demolition services for any type of infrastructure demolition projects and Sunshine Coast demolition. For more information or to arrange a quote please contact us.